for River Place Owners

Parking Policy:

We have implemented a parking policy that will require all cars that park on the property to be registered and have the appropriate hang tag. This form must be completed and returned to the parking office no later than close of business on March 31st. After March 31st will boot and/or tow all unregistered vehicles.

There are 3 ways to acquire, complete and return your form:

  • 1) Print/fill out the PDF form below or use the Online form to submit your information which will automatically post to the parking office.
  • 2) You can also print off the form and fill out by hand and then either mail the form to the parking office at:
    1011 Arlington Boulevard, Suite 340, Arlington VA 22209
    or fax it to: 703.276.9819
    or email it to: Management
  • 3) Contact the parking office and they will send you a form that you can return.
    The parking office number is: 703.276.9810

There are 2 primary reasons that the RPOA is requiring this information. Damage Control and Authorized Use. Regarding damage control, there are numerous reasons that the parking office would need to contact a vehicle's owner. The vehicle may need to be moved for construction purposes as in the WP garage project or exterior renovations on the buildings, the vehicle may need to be moved to accommodate emergency vehicles such as snow removal equipment or EMT activities or the vehicle may have been damaged by a weather event or by another motorist. In any of these cases, the parking office would want quick access to the owners contact information.

Regarding authorized use, only cars authorized to be on the property will be allowed on the property. Authorized vehicles are residents and/or shareholders. A vehicle whose owner parks on the property to go to work in Rosslyn or to ride the Metro, is not an authorized vehicle. These vehicles will be booted and towed.

We are not collecting this information to share outside of the parking office. It will be used for RPOA activities only.

All parking spaces at River Place are individually owned. This means that there is no guest parking available on site. There are commercial lots at 1551 N. Lynn St. and at 1101 Wilson Blvd which are both adjacent to the property. There is often metered street parking available on N. Fairfax Street directly across from the gatehouse.

If you will be parking in a River Place space, you will need parking supplies - a hang tag and an entry card that operates the gate arms. RPOA replaces lost parking supplies for a modest fee.

It is imperative that all River Place parkers are registered with the parking/management office. You have two ways to register as listed below:


Parking Documents

  • alt Parking Information Form (Download Printable PDF) or submit the Parking Information Form (Online Form).

    Please complete the form by either printing out the above attached PDF and providing it to the RPOA office to register your vehicle, or fill out the Online Form and submitting your information. We use this information to notify you of planned maintenance work near your space, accidents, etc. When work is planned near your space, we arrange for temporary parking elsewhere on the property.

    Once completed, you will need to bring it to the parking office located on the south building along with $50 processing fee.

  • alt Parking Rules and Regulations - If you will be parking in a River Place space, please familiarize yourself with the contents of this document. Parking spaces are deeded separately from homes. They can be bought and sold independently of homes at River Place. River Place home ownership is required in order to be eligible to buy a parking space.
  • alt Parking Resale Package 2012 (Download Printable PDF) - If you are planning to sell your parking space, please complete the seller paperwork and return it to the RPOA office to begin the process.

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I have received the River Place Parking Rules and Regulations and will abide by them.


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